Slave to the Brew

Well ladies & gentleman, we just make beer. That’s it.

The public space at Dog Island, i.e. the TapRoom is designed to have you, our customers feel as though you are part of our process. The brew house & cellar wrap around the tasting room putting you in the very heart of the Brewery.

We have a special type of liquor license. A Class A Community Hub.

Patrons DO NOT have to be seated.

Minors ARE allowed.

Tours ARE allowed.

Take-Out IS allowed, so is dine-in and homemade food you bring in.

We have lots of games here.

This combined with our communal tables makes for a pleasant social environment.

We have a small 17 Hec system, with an even smaller Nano system for batches of around 1.7 Hecs.

Even though our system is small, we have lots of different fermenters.  This allows us to brew lots of different beers on a constantly rotating basis.

We are ALWAYS experimenting with different beer styles. We are 2 & a half years old & we’ve already brewed over different beers. From Barrel Aged Porters to Pilsener , Sour beers to DIPA, Wheat Ales to Traditional Saisons, the scope of beer styles is endless & we intend to cover them all!

Our beer comes to you direct from the conditioning tanks in our cellar & sells out quickly, so it’s always fresh.

We’re always evolving so get ready for more great beers as time goes by & we expand production & have greater capacity for experimentation.

17hL Brewhouse
What a beautiful site.

See Our Story

One day, we will have a wicked video day..


Tours & Tasting

Tours and Tastings are something we love, so why not offer it? Purchase it here, bring in your receipt, and come along for a well guided tour.

Happy Hour

Why do they even call it happy hour anyway? It can last all day now in Alberta, thanks to a recent rule change by the AGLC.

We offer $5.00 pints on Thursdays (most beers) and 10% off growler fills on Saturdays. So there, no excuses now.

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