Here for a Good Time

Seasons change and with them so do our beers. These beers are special and can only be found in our Taproom.

Instant Gratification Saison

9.5% ABV 30 IBU

With blends from a few different strains of yeast, the flavours we get are a fruity, funky beer with rustic charm. Mashed the way these old style beers should, we end up with a very dry beer, that’s easy drinking, even with being 9.5% and 30 IBU.

Lost Umbrella Black IPA

Gil’s Pil Pilsner

Saskatchatoon Wheat Ale

This Seasonal Brew has become quite the local favourite. Using Saskatoons from Locally sourced picker, this 5% ABV beer will definitely get you coming back for more!

My Bitter Wife Sour

4% ABV n/a IBU

1965 Old Town Porter

ABV 7% IBU 23

Beautiful Dark Beer that people don’t know they love…till they try it.

Pits Wheat

ABV 4.5% IBU 13

The Pits Wheat is named after the popular pallet fire party place in Slave
Lake when DIB owners were growing up. It is a spin on the traditional
Belgian style Wit’s but still has the smooth creamy wheat beer taste
complimented with orange and coriander spice.

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